We are Manich Food Innovations and epitomise premium fish rearing under protected conditions. Our strictly regulated and constant quality allows for a premium product free from pollutants and drugs. In this way we strive to counteract overfishing of the oceans, unsustainable fish farming and increasing environmental pollution caused by long transport routes and in the production of food.


Our specialised sensor technology possesses optimal attributes for fish. Rearing of fish takes place without use of medication or drugs. Due to their rearing in local plants in Germany, our fish feature a good CO2 balance. Hence, long supply chains are avoided and the commodity arrives particularly fresh. Additionally, we appreciate our fish is realised at 98%. This includes not merely the flesh, as even skin and scales are used for luxurious fish leather and accessories.


Our expertise enables you to obtain the best product. The team has more than 20 years of experience in R&D of fish in aquacultures and in natural waters, and knows how to use it. RedKilau is researched from the start and we are true experts. This experience is complemented by digital expertise. Manich’s proprietary IT create scalable rearing systems that can be optimally aligned with the existing background knowledge.



Sustainability with everything we do is near and dear to us.
Overfishing is a major issue. Therefore, we rear our fish in an appropriate manner. This allows for less strain to the oceans and our fish move in absolutely perfect environment.
We also pay strict attention to the composition and efficient use of the feed. To name an example, the vegetable content of the feed is above average.



The equipment and employment of our fish farm meets the highest standards and hence allows for superb rearing in the best conditions. The rearing plant is optimally targeted at the fish breed and therefore works extremely efficient and sustainable. Our sustainable and innovative breeding brings natural, juicy and versatile taste. The fish are reared pollutant-free and under controlled conditions. Dignified realisation and shortdistance delivery accentuates yearround availability.



RedKilau is the heart of our facility. This South American fish epitomises enjoyment and luxury under the umbrella of sustainability. RedKilau is tasteful yet mild, does not crumble while roasting and is characterised by its unique flavour. Its high protein content and its richness in healthy fats makes it a super talent among edible fish. In addition to that it is boneless and therefore highly productive. RedKilau can be used to make particularly thick fillets, which can be prepared in almost any shape. By the by: RedKilau is also available as tasty ham.


3 Founders – 1 Goal:
to create a unique Premium product under the star of sustainability. Christoph Jakob, Marco Dethof and Nico van der Post (not in the picture) have created something outstanding.

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